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What's this? A side blog completely dedicated to Total Drama? Indeed it is! :D
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A Christmas Dott comic. Sorry it’s so long and takes up so much space on the dashboard. My bad. ._.

Er… Merry Christmas anyways. Hope everyone had a good one, and enjoy tsundere Scott.


Aaah Merry Christmas (and a happy holiday) to All!

Especially beyonceandmeatballs  who was my Total Drama Secret Santa :) This is for you! Tried to keep it cute like you mentioned, and just went for whom you had listed as your favorite characters. Hope you enjoy it!

If you want the uncut version, don’t hesitate to message me or whatever :)

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scott and gwen get each other for secret santa every year and they are just like GODDAMMIT YOU AGAIN

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Protip: Using the confessionalcam to complain about TD characters is chill because they’re just fictional characters; they don’t have feelings. Using the confessionalcam to insult real people is petty and not okay.

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im pretty sure when people say kill mike they mean kill his portrayal

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